PUM CEO Johan van de Gronden on BNR news radio about Making Africa Work

The launch of Making Africa Work did not go unnoticed in the media today. Johan van de Gronden, CEO of PUM Netherlands senior experts, was live on BNR news radio this morning in ‘Zakendoen’ to talk about Making Africa Work and the idea behind the initiative. Van de Gronden: “… On one hand we are trying to change Africa’s image as a continent that has nothing to offer but bitter poverty – there are of course a ton of entrepreneur opportunities there – and on the other hand we are trying to connect entrepreneurs and entrepreneur organisations with migrant organisations … forming relationships that will eventually led to them investing into Kenya, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Ghana.”

Curious about the rest of in the interview? The entire programme can be listened to here (the interview with Johan van de Gronden starts at 1:11:00).