Making Africa Work, is a one-year government funded programme by PUM Netherlands senior experts  and Africa in Motion that aims to create jobs in five African countries: Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. All of the Making Africa Work countries, apart from Morocco, are located in Sub-Sahara Africa. According to the Worldbank, economic growth in this region is showing signs of recovery from the worst decline in more than two decades. There is still a long way to go, seeing that especially young people are often unemployed. After leaving school, a striking majority enters the informal economy. At the same time many people in the five countries central to this programme migrate, looking for opportunities elsewhere. Together this results in a brain drain and a lack of new ventures. With unemployment as high as 80% in for example Sierra Leone, improving employment is impossible without creating new companies. This is where Making Africa Work comes in.

Our general objectives are to:

  • Promote entrepreneurship and employment in Africa.
  • Incentivize Dutch (young and/or migrant and/or future) entrepreneurs, to do business in Africa;
  • Offer migrants the opportunity to transfer their knowledge to their home countries, contributing to reversing of the brain drain into a ‘brain gain’;
  • Develop mechanisms that support the future development of the migration policy in general, in particular the return of individual migrants, and making those mechanisms sustainable and/or scalable;
  • Contribute to diminishing the inequality gap by paying specific attention to women, young migrants and entrepreneurs;

How will we achieve this?

We pair up 40 (young and/or migrant and/or future) entrepreneurs living in The Netherlands with a local business partner in in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda or Sierra Leone. We will guide, train and coach them along the way, support them with writing marketing and feasibility studies for their business plans, and be instrumental in providing access to finance. By 2018 we plan to present 40 bankable business plans.